Essential Advantages Of Using A Masticating Juicer

Juicing, in general, is a superb way to combat years of neglecting your diet. Fast food, sugary sodas, and indulgent desserts can be quite addictive and taste delicious, but over time these bad eating habits can wreak havoc with your health. Getting the proper amount of fresh vegetables and fruits is essential to a well rounded diet. Unfortunately, most of us to not have the time nor the inclination to sit down and eat what we know we are supposed to for optimal health. This is why having a juice extractor handy in the kitchen is so appealing.

You can get most of the natural goodness out of the foods you should be eating condensed down into an easy to consume glass of fresh juice. Juicers have really caught on and gone from beyond a fad for health nuts to an essential small appliance for people with busy schedules.

While owning any type of juicer and using it regularly will definitely be beneficial to anyone who has a suspect diet, there are slight differences between the different types of juicing machines being sold that beginners should know. For the greatest benefit, juicing leafy green veggies is going to give you the sharpest increase in vitamins and minerals and the best juicers for handling these types of vegetables are going to be masticating extractors.

Benefits of Masticating Juicers

Most people who get into juicing do so with the idea that they would like to use ingredients like kale, spinach, broccoli, and chard, just to name a few. These leafy vegetables get a lot of hype and press about how wonderful they are and how dense their nutrient makeup is. But to get the most out of these foods, you are going to want to get a masticating machine, and here is why.

Slow Juicing – The way in which these machines work is with the use of force and pressure. The main part that does all of the work of a masticating juicer is known as an auger. It looks like a giant screw. As food moves along the auger grinds and breaks down the pulp. It is then moved further down towards the end cap where immense pressure is built up. At this point the pulp is squeezed to separate the juice. It is pretty simple, quiet, and is perfect for leafy items. The pulp that leaves the machine is usually relatively dry and the juice contains lower amounts of air which can lead to oxidation.

Juice Quality – The lower risk of oxidation means that the juice will take longer to spoil. You can store it in your fridge for longer than the juice the comes from a centrifugal juicer. Using this method of juicing is a lot more efficient and you will get more juice, and nutrients into your glass. The overall quality is going to be much better with these types of vegetables than when you use a centrifugal machine.

Noise Level – As an added bonus, masticating juicers are much less noisy since they run at much slower speeds.

Nothing Is Perfect

You will no doubt get more juice, better quality, and have a machine that won’t wake up everyone, but there may be some drawbacks.

Not A Speed Demon – The main reason why centrifugal juice extractors are so appealing to a lot of people is how fast they are able to get the job done. Masticating machines require slightly more patience. This is something to keep in mind if you are always in a hurry for things to get done.

Price – These types of juicers are typically a little more expensive. You will have a bigger initial investment if you go this route, however, being as they are much more efficient they will end up saving you money on the produce you buy over time.

Popular Brands

There are a few brand names that stand out for the quality of their masticating juicers. Omega is by far going to be your best choice. For years they have built a reputation of making some of the most versatile and dependable juicing machines and this should probably be your first option. They also have exceptionally long warranty terms should something break. Kuvings and Tribest are two other alternatives that produce some interesting masticating machines worth considering.

Going Green

If you have been thinking about trying to juice in order to improve your diet, then going green is going to be the most beneficial path. While kale and spinach juice may not seem all that appetizing, the beauty of juicing is all of the different recipes that you can experiment with to get something that is healthy but is also tasty. Adding a sweet fruit like and apple or some berries can transform that green juice into something truly exciting. A masticating juicer is one small appliance that can truly change the way that you feel, for the better.

Time For A New Countertop Toaster Oven

Lately I have been on a cooking journey to try and expand my horizons in the kitchen. I have discovered some truly wonderful recipes that have turned out better than I had expected. It has been fun learning new techniques and experimenting with different types of cuisine. The one thing I really do not enjoy however is using the oven. It is big, bulky, and it is not a self cleaning model. This is why I have been looking to upgrade my countertop oven into something a little more capable of cooking rather than just reheating and toasting.

My brother just moved into a new house and he was looking to stock his own kitchen with some of the bare essentials. I offered him my current toaster oven since he does not really prepare a lot of his own meals. He accepted it. This was great for me as I just wanted a good excuse to get a new toaster oven on my own. I had be looking every so often as to what was out there, but now it was time to start my search in earnest.

I knew that I had wanted a Breville oven because they seemed to have all of the features that I needed so it was time to do some real research. I began my quest my reviewing the latest toaster oven ratings at GouverneurTimes to see if there were any better options. Turns out that Breville is still the leader when it comes to countertop convection ovens which was exactly what I had my eye on. I pulled the trigger on their top of the line model and I never looked back.

What Oven Did I Get?

While I could of saved a little my by getting the BOV800XL I really wanted an interior light. It’s a petty thing I know, but I went with the BOV845BSS to get this feature. It also came with an extra slow cook setting that I have used a couple of times. I really splurged but I have not regretted it one bit. This oven has a number of high end features that I have really enjoyed.

  • Stainless steel design makes it look ultra-modern. This appliance is the shining star of my kitchen, literally.
  • Super simple controls that required no learning curve.
  • Interior light….oh yeah.
  • Convection cooking feature that works as advertised. Everything comes out even and requires a little less time to cook.
  • Roomy interior that can handle one of my favorite cooking dishes. It also comes with baking pans that have really gotten a workout.
  • Preset functions are nice. I have had no problems leaving it up to the toaster oven using these.
  • LCD display is another nice touch that screams modern technology.
  • Relatively quiet when operating. There is a slight hum when you have the convection fan on. When it is off you can barely hear anything.

These are just a few of the areas where this oven shines. One word of caution, and this goes for most toaster ovens, is that the top of the oven gets rather hot while cooking. I knew this going in and so I also ponied up for the cutting board that Breville makes for their toaster ovens. It is meant to go on top and this way you can place items on top of it and use it as a shelf. This is a good idea if you have a small kitchen and need all of the space that you can get.

What I Have Made So Far

I have been non-stop in the kitchen since this arrived on my doorstep. This was one of the best gifts that I have given to myself and I have really gone to town with trying out all kinds of recipes.


I have enjoyed trying out full meals with my new Breville oven. One of the first things I tried was one of the favorites that I used to make in my full sized oven and that was ribs. I baked them for just under 2 hours and then broiled them for a few minutes on each side. The meat was literally falling off the bone. They were extremely juicy and tender and I knew right there that I had made the right decision.

I have also cooked a ton of homemade pizza and I cannot get enough of it. I went a little crazy trying all of the pizza recipes that I could find. I’ve also roasted a whole chicken, yes there is room. I’ve also made a pot roast, casserole, turkey pot pie from scratch, and lots of fish. Everything comes out perfectly done. I was kind of weary on a few of my dishes, but in the end I was overjoyed with the results. I can’t stop looking for new recipes to try as I have yet to find one that did not turn out great.


I have kind of a sweet tooth as well so I put those baking pans that come with the oven to the test. Pies, cookies, and cakes and everything in between have been made so far and this oven handles it all beautifully. I usually make more than I can eat alone so I end up giving half of it to friends and family and they smile whenever they see me coming with a covered dish. They have also benefited from my new kitchen hobby and are amazed that all of this was prepared in a toaster oven.

Get One and Don’t Look Back

If you love to eat or love to cook and are on the fence about trying one of these smaller ovens, you need not worry. A modern countertop convection oven offers exceptional versatility and convenience that well let you create some extraordinary delights in the kitchen. I was worried at first because of the cost, but it has quickly made up for it with what it has delivered. They are also easy to maintain and keep clean, something that was a burden with my full sized range oven. You won’t regret getting one of these for your home.

Here is one of the recipes that I actually tried and it was a huge hit with the family. My dicing skills are not quite up to par, but everything else turned out terrific.

An Ideal Stroller For Fitness Minded Parents

Whether you are looking to get back into shape for the new year or you are simply looking for different ways to mix up your workouts, running is one of the easiest methods to lose weight and stay in shape. Parents often struggle to find the time to get out of the house for exercise, especially with smaller children to look after. For this reason getting a jogging stroller makes a lot of sense. It lets you fit in a workout while also looking after the kids. No need to hire a baby sitter when you can just strap in the little ones and take them with you. It also let you get off that boring treadmill and enjoy the outdoors a little.

Not only will this help Mom and Dad, but kids can also benefit from these types of strollers as well. They also get to go out into the world and have their very own adventure. As parents it is important to teach them the value of exercise and staying active and these experiences can imprint on them. If parents are active there is a better chance that the children will be as well when they are older. It is a positive experience for the entire family.

If you are serious about running or jogging routinely and enjoy getting up to a nice speed then you are going to require more than a regular stroller. You are going to require something that is built to dampen bumps, keeps from wobbling, and something that is easy to control. A dedicated jogging stroller like the BOB Revolution Flex checks all of those boxes.

Quick Look At This BOB Stroller

BOB made a name for itself with the popularity of its Revolution SE stroller. It is a durable jogger that many parents have used over the years to train and get themselves in excellent shape. BOB took the best parts of that model and made some improvements and came out with the Revolution Flex. It is currently rated as one of the best jogging strollers for parents who are serious about running. Here are some of its highlights.

Adjustable Handlebar

When you are running it is important to try and keep your form, and this is especially true when trying to control a stroller. You do not want to have to reach up or down as this could lead to problems of strain and injury down the road. The Flex is so named because of the ability to adjust the handle bar up and down. This is great if both parents like to use and have a big variance in their height. Customizing the handlebar position is one of the key features of this stroller that makes it stand out.

Smooth Ride

Having a jogger that is easy to maneuver is vital to always being in control. You also want the stroller to glide down the road without needing an excessive amounts of effort. The Flex features big tires filled with air, independent suspension, and a light weight frame to help you achieve this. Whether you are going on a fast straight away, downhill, or offroad, the Flex can handle it. The suspension is adjustable and the front wheel can be locked in place for more stability when running in a straight line.


The latest Flex is designed with 15% more storage space to let you bring everything you need for yourself and your child along for the ride. I also has one of the best sun canopies around for the ultimate protection from the sun and other elements. The Flex is also has a car seat adapter that is compatible with certain makes of infant seats such as the Britax B-Safe 35. This is an added bonus for those with newborns who require a little extra support.

Worthy Contender

There really is a lot to love about this jogging stroller. It was built for the outdoors and gets really high marks from parents for functionality, durability, styling, and ease of use. It is not cheap however, so you want to make sure that you are motivated to keep up your running routine in order to get your money’s worth. Although, it does also make a great everyday stroller but it will be much heavier to carry around and store than a regular stroller.

The Flex gives parents a great opportunity to get out in the fresh air again, elevate their fitness, and take the kids with them for some fun as well. If you need something rough and rugged, or deft and nimble, this jogger can probably handle it and is worth a closer look.