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5.28.03 Why Search Engine Optimization?

Search engines and directories such as Google and Yahoo! are the air traffic control towers of the internet; they are essential tools for locating the right information, products and services. Navigating customers to where they want to go. Did you know many websites are never fully indexed by search engines? Poor design, bad coding and inadequate text all contribute to preventing the search engines from fully indexing a site, and would be customers, fly-by without ever seeing what is offered.

Be cautious of claims which offer number one search engine placement, or guaranteed search engine ranking. Guarantying number one search engine placement is no more realistic then guarantying a 20% return on investing in stocks. Instead, think of search engine optimization as an investment into the success of a website. Search engine optimization (SEO), is the practice of carefully enhancing a site to the point where it can be fully indexed by search engines. SEO does not guarantee number one search engine placement, however it does give a site the best chances of being found by the right customer.

SEO is not an expensive, time-consuming process. Making the investment in SEO is highly recommended for any business. From a sales perspective, customers who visit a site as a result of search engines are open to learning more about what a company has to offer and they have a higher likelihood of becoming a new customer.

For more information regarding SEO, contact George Morris @ Imulus, 303-772-1195. George is also available for speaking engagements and seminars on search engine optimization techniques.


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Why Search Engine Optimization?


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