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9.17.03 Young Entrepreneurs [ North City Business ]
reprinted from the September / October 2003 issue, pg 44


George Morris


Longmont, CO

Client Services Manager

November, 2002

Type of Business:
Creative Solutions Agency

Number of Employees:

Year Born:

Newtown, Pennsylvania

Number of years in Colorado:

Family Status:

Outside Interests:
Hiking, Rock Climbing, Off-Roading, & Traveling

Trade Associations:
CTEK Advisors

FirstBank, Longmont Branch

Accounting Firm:
Mark Carson & Associates

Favorite business quote:
"Worry about being better; bigger will take care of itself. Think one customer at a time and take care of each one the best way you can."
Gary Comer

All time hero:
My Mother

1. What made you choose this industry?
All three founders share a common passion about internet applications and graphic design. We love schlaftabletten rezeptfrei apotheke and this industry and will talk anyone’s ear off if they ask us about it.

2. Why did you start this business?
When a company is looking to invest in their internet strategy they either call up their design or ad agency who has limited internet experience and resources, or they go to a web firm who is completely unversed in their business. We believe that the internet is simply one part of a company's business strategy and should be integrated and seamless with all other initiatives in joom. People hire us to provide creative solutions that drive their business forward, regardless of the medium.

We’ve worked at top interactive agencies; we understand what they do well and where they fail. We are motivated to provide a superior product & customer service; ultimately that will lead to a very successful business.

3. How did you get your start-up capital / initial investment?
We are fortunate enough to be self-funded; we have not sought or plan to seek outside investment.

4. What was the biggest challenge when you started?
As with any new business, gaining name recognition and communicating our services and value to the local business community has been our biggest challenge. Through strategic marketing and a consistent effort we are now making great strides in this area.

5. What was your best business decision?
To start small with a core of founders who possess a wide variety of talents and experience. It has allowed us to offer a wide variety of design and technology solutions to our clients, similar to a larger agency, with the affordability and attention of a small company.

6. How do you market your products / service?
We market ourselves through satisfied customers, while building an identity to support our brand. Our brand is our personality and our image. In the business world there is no more true statement than: you are what you are perceived to be. The building of a brand is dependent upon the actions of everyone in the company. We are in the business of providing world-class service to our clients. Every action that we take affects a client or a potential client and impacts on our brand. How we answer the phone or shake a client's hand impacts the brand in a positive or negative way. Whether we deliver late or on time impacts the brand.

The consistency and passion with which we nurture and build our brand will ultimately determine the success of this company. There are hundreds of companies that offer similar services to the ones that we offer. The difference is not what we do; it is how we do it and who we are.

7. What are your plans for growth?
There are no plans for growth, only plans to efficiently provide the best level of service possible. Growth is a side-affect of being successful.


Contact George Morris, Client Services Manager @ 303-775-4213 or george.morris@www.imulus.com
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