The Right Juicer For Fast Moving Professionals

If time is money then you do not want to waste a lot of it trying to improve your nutrition. Getting your daily requirements for fruits and vegetables can be a boring and time consuming ordeal every day. If you have ever sat down and looked at what you are suppose to get daily then you know how impossible and unrealistic of a task it is. This is why owning a juicer makes so much sense. You can condense all of those foods down to one glass of juice and be done with it.

Having the right juicer is just as important. You want something that is fast, simple to use, and something that you can depend on every day. The Breville 800JEXL is just the juicer machine for the job. For years it has helped those on a tight schedule get the vitamins and minerals that they need in a quick and efficient manner. No fuss juicing is what it delivers. It is still going strong to this day and it is one of the best choices for professionals who can’t afford to be slowed down by their dietary needs.

What Makes It So Great?

There are plenty of things to love about this small powerful kitchen appliance. Here are just a few of the reasons that this juicer should shine for you.


The first thing you will notice about this juice extractor is its speed. Centrifugal juicers operate at insanely high speeds rotating their cutting discs and using centrifugal force to remove and separate the juice from the pulp. All of this equates to the fastest juicing experience that you can get. It cuts through hard vegetables like carrots, beets, and ginger like they were butter. You can get through all of the ingredients in whatever recipe that you choose in short order.

If you lack patience or time this is the type of machine that you will need. The 800JEXL has two speeds, one for hard food and one for soft. This lets you get the most juice out of these different types of foods and let little go to waste.

It should be noted that one of the drawbacks to this type of juicing machine is how it handles leafy greens. Items like kale, spinach, cabbage, and wheatgrass or not going to juice as well. It is not as efficient with these veggies. If you hope to primarily juice these kinds of foods then a masticating juicer is going to be a better, but slower, option.

You will still be able to get plenty of juice from leafy greens, just not as much, and some it will go to waste. One way to over come this is to run the pulp back through the juicer a second time. This is not an ideal solution since it will take more time, but it will still work.


If you are going to use something every day you want it to be reliable. Breville has made a name for itself for making some of the most durable small appliances for the kitchen. The Juice Fountain Elite has a stainless steel housing that leads to it being extremely sturdy. It has a nice weight that keeps it in place while in use with no wobble.

Its steel cutting discs are also reinforced with Titanium to stay sharp for years to come. Everything about the 800JEXL is top of the line and it is sure to fit right in next to the other modern appliances in your home.

Clean Up

This is one aspect of a juicer that is just as important as its juicing performance. You do not want to fuss with getting pulp out of the discs or getting the parts clean. These juicers are designed for the easiest clean up possible. Parts are dishwasher safe and it comes with a brush to get pulp out of the mesh filter. It only takes a few minutes to get it looking like new.

One tip to make things as simple as possible is to clean it right after use while everything is still wet. Once the juice and pulp dry it will become much harder and take a little more effort to remove.

Improving Your Diet On A Schedule

Eating right is tough when you are constantly on the move. Juicing is one way to help you maintain a balanced diet while saving valuable time in the process. One glass of fresh juice daily can have a tremendous impact on the energy you have at the end of the day and can prevent the crash usually associated with other methods to stay alert and functioning at a high level.

Of course, you want something that is fast, works every time, and produces a potent nutrient dense juice. This is why we always recommend the 800JEXL for professionals. We were once in your shoes and know the benefits that this machine can provide. Take the time to juice and you won’t regret it, but of course take as little time as possible with the right machine.

Groom In Comfort By Avoiding Razor Burn

Moms and dads alike share a common enemy when it comes to keeping your skin clean and hair-free and that is razor burn. This appears as a red colored rash on a freshly shaved patch of skin. It can feel itchy and can be painful at times too. The prime cause is, obviously, using a razor to take care of unwanted hair. A freshly shaved area of skin is highly vulnerable and there are many different causes which can lead to this condition.

It is an issue that men and women alike have to deal with on a regular basis. In the case of men, they shave their facial hair, usually daily, and for them this is the area where this irritation is a problem. Since, it is natural for men to have some body hair so they usually don’t have to deal with hair on other parts of the body.

Whereas, in the case of women it is the reverse. Women don’t normally grow whiskers and they have to take care of the hair that grows on legs, arms and other exposed parts of their body. Razor burn can happen on any part of the body where razors are used.

Common Causes of Razor Burn

Not cleaning the skin properly:  If the skin is not cleaned properly before shaving then the dirt, oil and dead skin cells can inadvertently clog the pores. The razor blade can force that grime into the freshly shaven skin..

A blunt razor:  A blunt razor is most often the prime cause of a razor burn. When a razor is not sharp enough, it tends to pull the hair from the root and this causes irritation. Moreover, when you feel that hair is not being properly cut, you tend to put more pressure on the skin to get a closer shave. This further irritates the skin and causes dryness.

A dirty razor:  Using a dirty razor can also be a cause for this condition. Staphylococcal bacteria which is commonly found on the skin is the main culprit here. It is very common for the skin to develop minor nicks and cuts while shaving. If these bacteria enter those small nicks and cuts, it infects the cut and can lead to a severe razor burn.

Shaving on dry skin: When moisture is applied to the skin, the hair on the surface tends to become softer. Dragging a razor on a dry surface peels off a layer of moisture from the skin and makes it dry and leads to irritation and itching.

Shaving against the direction of the grain:  The direction of the grain is referred to as the direction of hair growth. Shaving against the grain makes the razor pull the hair and this action irritates the skin.

Ways To Try And Prevent Razor Burn

Moisturize: Use warm water on the area to be shaved or else a better idea is to keep a towel dipped in warm water over the skin surface. The heat will open up the pores and provide a closer shave. The moisture from the towel will make the hair soft and easier to cut.

Exfoliate: Use a good scrub to remove all dirt, oil, grime and dead cells. This will clean up the skin and make it ready to be shaved. Stimulate with a good shaving cream and brush: Use a brush to stimulate the skin, this makes the hair stand up and it becomes easier to cut. The cream provides a good lubrication for the blade to glide.

Use a new razor: A new razor is sharp and provides a closer shave. Use it with gentle strokes and don’t apply too much pressure.

Don’t shave against the grain: This will cause more friction and will pull the hair.

Don’t be in a hurry: While shaving it is very important that you do it slowly, use the razor like a paintbrush and you will see the difference.

Rinsing the blade: Rinse the blade after every stroke to avoid hair from sticking to the blade. It decreases the efficiency of the blade.

Steps to Follow After Shaving

Use aloe vera or a good moisturizer: Shaving dries out the skin and so you need to use a good moisturizer or aloe vera over the skin to retain moisture. Aloe vera has good medicinal properties and it heals the skin. Avoid alcohol based aftershaves: alcohol dries out the skin and it is best to avoid aftershaves that have alcohol.

Clean and dry out your razor: Always keep the razor dry as this practice keeps the blade from rusting.  Make sure your razor is in good shape and not dull before each use.

Razor burn can be quite an annoyance to deal with. It’s not a lot of fun to go through all the work of shaving to look your best only to have all that effort and time be marred by the appearance of a red bumpy rash. Those who constantly encounter such irritated skin should try and change up their shaving routine by better preparing their skin before they shave and to take better precautions while they shave.