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CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing tests to tell Computers and Humans Apart) technology was developed to stop robots or "bots" from submitting form information automatically. The most common implementation of CAPTCHA is graphically rendered random characters (see example below)


The above characters are in a image; therefore, it prevents "bots" for scanning the page for a text-based security or a text-based authentication code. Humans can recognize the above pattern but most "bots" cannot.

There are many CAPTCHA options available; however Onfy xylocain salbe, the most common is the above example, this is called a visual CAPTCHA. Imulus has developed an ASP based CAPTCHA solution that is easily integrated into sites using forms for data submission. Our CAPTCHA service is based on the number of times a user is approved by the CAPTCHA database.

Capped Services All tiers have a $25 setup fee.
Up to 200 verifications /month $9.95 / month
Up to 500 verifications /month $19.95 / month
Up to 1000 verifications /month $36.95 / month
Up to 5000 verifications /month $99.95 / month
Up to 10,000 verifications /month $179.95 / month
Uncapped Services $25 setup fee.
0.03 cents per verification  

CAPTCHAs are best used on websites which require voting, online surveys or allow users to post messages. If you would like a demonstration of how CAPTCHA works, please call us at 303-772-1195.

Still have questions? Email our Client Services Manager george.morris@www.imulus.com

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